Who I am.

Personal Charter

I am a human being whose purpose is to provide contribution to others and in the process evolve my Self.

Experiencing life through the prism of love is the ultimate expression of a human being to which I am committed.

I conduct my life from the following fundamental values that are at the heart of who I am:


The freedom and the ability to express one’s  Self.


Willingness to be cause in the matter of one’s life, being the context from which one chooses to live.


The present state of being whole and complete; honoring one’s word as oneself.


Willingness to generate possibilities from possibility itself, free from the constraints of the past.

I promise to be true to my purpose and to operate consistent to my values.

This is who I am.

This is what you can count on.


Radomir Samardzic

October 23, 1997

Addendum to The Charter

Everything and everyone is connected to everything and everyone else. Self-expression is only possible in association with other human beings. Contribution to others is where one finds self-expression, reason for existence and fulfillment of the Self.

Only through action transformation occurs. Experiencing and acting out of unconditional love, where people are perfect as they are, and as they are not, is the most powerful and efficient way to get in touch with one’s Self.


is being and acting in tune with one’s Self without the clutter, stories and deceptions of the past generated by one’s  mind. Being with the Self, coming from nothing and everything, being with the experience. Being mindless.


is the ability to respond creatively, with dignity and the knowledge that one is the creator of all the events in one’s life.


is being whole and complete at any given moment i.e., being responsible for what one speaks, listens, actions one takes and the realities one thus creates. Every part of an individual or a group is an integral part of that individual or a group (e.g., Self, Mind and Body are integral parts of an individual as the individuals in the group are integral parts of a group which itself has equivalents of Self, Mind and Body). A group with integrity is the group in which every individual is responsible for being that group. The word of a group is the word of an individual and vice versa.


Creation is possible only if it is free from the restraints of the past. To create is to stand in nothing and generate from the possibility of creation itself.

Promise given to other is an act of creation.

Ultimately, I am not who I say I am, I am the one who said it.