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Or, should we say your site, because we hope you will be getting a lot of value from it. We are still not sure how this will develop, but with your input, suggestions, questions and comments we plan to make it a site where you would want to come back either to see what’s new, find useful articles and links from parenting, relationships, or furniture and items for your baby to integral theory and spirituality, science, art etc. In other words, have a community of people with a wide range of interests serving personal and social development. So, please feel free to contribute your ideas and we will do our best to comply and give you what you need and want; from some products and services to advice and comments to recommendations for books and movies and other media outlets. 

This site is run by Antoinette and Radomir Samardzic.

Antoinette is a RIE Associate and Parent/Infant Class Facilitator

Radomir is a Relationship Coach and author of the following e-books.

The Relationship Saver,

The Gameless Relationship,

The Christian Marriage Saver,

The Relationship Bible and

Parenting, The Joy of Doing it Right


I believe it makes no sense

to spend a lot of time

attacking the current realities.

It is time to create the new models that have in them

the complexity that makes

the older systems obsolete.

And to the extent that we can do that, and do that quickly,

I think we can provide

what will be necessary

for a major breakthrough

for the future.


Co-Author of

Spiral Dynamics

Co-Author of Spiral Dynamics

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